To bring suit

(Law) To bring secta, followers or witnesses, to prove the plaintiff's demand.
In modern usage, to institute an action.

See also: Suit, Suit

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
They next planned to get through politics what they could not get through law; they induced the Government to bring suit for the annulment of the Bell patents.
(3) equitable actions by beneficiaries against trustees have typically been subject to the doctrine of laches, which requires the beneficiary to bring suit within a reasonable time after gaining actual knowledge of the trustee's breach.
However, the court noted that in addition to the two year statute of limitations, there was a one year statute of limitations for personal representatives of decedent's estates to bring suit for any cause of action the decedent had at the time of death.
They further argue that current Federal air regulations are more harmful than helpful and recommend devolving air pollution regulation to the states, changing the standard for regulation from protection of the public health to avoiding harm to individuals' health or property, and only allowing people to bring suit in the courts if they can prove real injury.
The plaintiff filed the necessary affidavits required to bring suit for medical malpractice against almost all of the named defendants.
Only parties genuinely injured by government action are allowed to bring suit. Since the NEA does not assert that the DOE has acted in a manner that specifically injures the organization, it is hard to see what standing it has in court.
The law also requires plaintiffs to bring suit in the county where they were injured.
attorney or other federal official, who himself does not understand the law, often threatens to bring suit against county and state authorities for protecting the property rights of citizens against government seizures.
SB 796 (Dunn) has been amended to allow any employee to bring suit against an employer and act as attorney general to enforce any labor violations in civil actions.
State attorneys general would be given the ability, to bring suit on behalf of citizens who have been victimized by unscrupulous marketers.
Earlier this year, Americans United joined forces with the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama to bring suit against Moore.
Chamber of Commerce's Institute for Legal Reform called the bill "a trial lawyer's bonanza," as it would create more than 50 new federal causes of action (ways to bring suit), eliminate threshold requirements for bringing suit in federal court and place no cap on damages.