To bring to light

to disclose; to discover; to make clear; to reveal.

See also: Bring

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Further inquiries are being conducted to bring to light the scale of the fraud and action will be taken against those responsible.
I wish to bring to light a movement that is gaining ground all over the world ...
Each page is brimming with colorful pictures, filling your mind with a visual aid of the importance of your prayer and in addition you are given Scripture after Scripture to bring to light the meaning of your prayer words.
In his first, published three years ago, he focused his attention on the history of the Cambini bank, whose activities in Lisbon during much of the fifteenth century had enabled him to bring to light an aspect of Florentine history that has not often received the attention it perhaps deserves: the city's important economic and cultural links with the Iberian peninsula, especially its non-Mediterranean parts.
Among his most important accomplishments is to bring to light the riches of the national and branch papers of the NAACP.
The AMA has been working with the American Psychiatric Association to oppose carve-outs, and has been engaged in a highly publicized effort to bring to light some practices of Magellan Behavioral Health Services in New Jersey.
In the project Produktion Pop, 1996, Poledna (together with Martin Beck and Jon Savage) attempted to bring to light sources for a museological examination of the British punk and new-wave scene, while in the group exhibition "Zonen der Verstorung" (Zones of disturbance), Graz, 1997, he examined the history of the militant left, focusing on the radical Italian philosopher Antonio Negri.
All carefully chosen to bring to light valid and vibrant arguments on both sides.
"We were trying to bring to light waste in motion and material flow," says Davidson.
But his admission yesterday about the police is a small token of comfort to grieving relatives who have fought to bring to light the truth about this tragic but futile loss of life.