To brush away

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to remove, as with a brush or brushing motion.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
After standing for some time undecided, the tall stranger suddenly passed his hand across his face to brush away, as it were, the thoughts that were ploughing furrows in it.
The young man stood silent for a moment, then he drew his hand across his eyes as though to brush away a vision.
But it was well known to be a book of magic; and once, when a chambermaid had lifted it, merely to brush away the dust, the skeleton had rattled in its closet, the picture of the young lady had stepped one foot upon the floor, and several ghastly faces had peeped forth from the mirror; while the brazen head of Hippocrates frowned, and said,--"Forbear!"
By being so quiet, so unsurprised and so simple she had managed to brush away the conventions and make him feel that to seek to be alone was the natural thing for two old friends who had so much to say to each other.
Duterte's aide tried to brush away the cockroach using a folder but the pest dashed its way to the front.
Free of the sulfates and artificial sweeteners frequently found in the oral hygiene aisle, Kopari's plaque-fighter uses non-nano hydroxy-apatite (a natural fluoride alternative) and coconut oil (a natural antibacterial) to brush away toxins, remineralize teeth and whiten enamel.
A PAIR of daredevil women have taken a ride in a mini cherry picker to brush away a church's cobwebs.
It is not good enough for the MOD to brush away these figures by saying there are fewer suicides.
"Having your cake and eating it is what the rich do - because the rich always have more cake anyway, and a valet or lady's maid to brush away the crumbs" Writer Will Self.
Before you open the fuel cap, make sure to brush away any dirt or sand first.
The bulldozers moved in some time ago to brush away the old and usher in the new.
WE'VE decided now's the ideal time to brush away the cobwebs - literally!