To bury the hatchet

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A similar jirga held a few years ago had given its ruling and the two sides had agreed to bury the hatchet but the truce did not last long as one side defaulted on payment of compensation, usually allowed to be paid in monthly instalments.
Anthony Ezeoke; Dr Efere Ifendu and Chief Patrick Chidolue, at Abaribe's Apo Quarters residence, Abuja at the weekend, the two estranged allies promised to bury the hatchet and work for the good of Igboland and a united Nigeria.
Binay and Trillanes had long been at odds until recently where they both decided to bury the hatchet.
The ruling party does not seem ready to bury the hatchet with the judiciary.
But it also means the Irons may be forced to bury the hatchet with Sporting chief Bruno de Carvalho following a row that resulted in Sporting threatening to report West Ham to FIFA for an alleged illegal approach.
We're referring, of course, to the so-called "burger wars" between McDonald's and Burger King, the latter of which ran a full-page newspaper ad last Wednesday asking its rival to bury the hatchet in honor of World Peace Day.
After blasting Nicki Minaj for "pitting women against each other", Taylor Swift has now attempted to bury the hatchet by inviting the rapper to join her on stage.
This is with reference to the article "India and Pakistan: Isn't it time to bury the hatchet?" (Dec.
Meanwhile, Lawrence wants to bury the hatchet, but Edna can't forgive and forget so quickly.
Sources added that Pink wanted to bury the hatchet by having their children meet each other.
This week at the TUC they need to bury the hatchet - and not in each other's skulls.
Manager Roberto Mancini's decision to bury the hatchet with Balotelli following their training ground bust-up on Thursday may pay dividends after Sergio Aguero confirmed he has a torn hamstring.