To buy again

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Now McCormack is available to buy again but he has few options in the pipeline and his most likely escape route will be another late loan.
It didn't take us long to convince them to buy again.
Customers can buy/sell crude oil via account, in real-time or placing order (valid for 120 hours longest) under "T+0" system, where crude oil shares bought can be sold on the same day, the amount gained after selling the crude oil shares can be used to buy again on the same day.
The German has been instrumental in the club's early season success and Wenger has suggested that he may well look to buy again in January if the right player becomes available.
Housing associations could then sell back the proportion owned when tenants are able to buy again.
There needs to be a way for people to easily see if they are eligible to buy again," said former CEO and YouWalkAway cofounder Jon Maddux in a prepared statement about the application.
Some of the advantages of doing a short sale are staying in your home longer while saving money, bank giving you relocation assistance money, being able to buy again in 2-3 years and probably most important is that bank will not come after you for the deficiency.
But everybody knows that, in terms of quality of players, they will need to buy again in the summer.
Arsene Wenger (circled) has hinted he is ready to buy again in January and the Gunners' chances of keeping van Persie sweet will collapse if they don't remain Champions League contenders.
This means that whilst they can afford to sell, many homeowners simply cannot afford to buy again and are effectively trapped until finance becomes more readily available.
However, the delicious Uyuni Quinoa & Whole Grain Brown Rice, with its robust garlic flavor, is the one variety that you are certain to buy again and again
Redknapp knows after all the problems he has had with injuries this season to central defenders Jonathan Woodgate, Michael Dawson and Sebastien Bassong - and Ledley King's seemingly never-ending knee problem - he will have to buy again in January if he is to stay on course for a top-four finish this season.