To call off

to summon away; to divert; as, to call off the attention; to call off workmen from their employment.

See also: Call

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
``Truly,'' said Wamba, without stirring from the spot, ``I have consulted my legs upon this matter, and they are altogether of opinion, that to carry my gay garments through these sloughs, would be an act of unfriendship to my sovereign person and royal wardrobe; wherefore, Gurth, I advise thee to call off Fangs, and leave the herd to their destiny, which, whether they meet with bands of travelling soldiers, or of outlaws, or of wandering pilgrims, can be little else than to be converted into Normans before morning, to thy no small ease and comfort.''
The doctors conveyed their decision to call off their strike to the medical superintendent of the hospital after a meeting held on August 4 chaired by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW), Chairman of Special Secretary, Sanjeeva Kumar.
After two days of negotiations, the workers agreed to call off strike until Tuesday when the representatives of Agritech Industry, industries secretary, local politicians and workers will sit across the table to end the three months long stalemate between workers and factory management.
Xie incurred an unintentional foul late in the round after accidentally striking Kelly at the back of his head while trying to go for the ground-and-pound, forcing the referee to call off the fight after Kelly could not continue.
Earlier, Sindh Governor Imran Ismail also held talks with representatives of the Karachi Tajir Action Committee (KTAC), a body of the city's traders, to persuade them to call off their strike which they had announced against the increase in taxation on the traders in the new federal budget but it was called off on the assurance of Sindh Governor.
The Sfax Regional Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts described, on Thursday, the decision to call off international flights at Sfax Airport as "unfair to the region," calling on the government to "energise the airport instead of destroying it."
The nurses denied the claims that threats of sacking by the governor prompted them to call off the strike saying they were not victimised.
President BNP Mir Hasil Bizenjo thanked Senate Shibli Faraz for assurance, saying that Shibli Faraz is son of Ahmad Faraz and he was unable to deny his request to call off protest.
At the end, the umpires had no other option but to call off the match.
The head of Poed, Phylios Fylaktou, said that he has already suggested to the union's board to call off the strike measures they had announced last month to protest over the employment status of temporary teachers and problems faced in schools.
The Premier League said the decision to call off the game was a "last resort" to ensure the safety of 76,000 fans inside Old Trafford.
HYDERABAD -- The Irrigation Trade Unions Federation Sindh Saturday announced to call off the strike following assurance from Commissioner Hyderabad Qazi Shahid Pervez and MNA Kamal Khan Chang that all genuine demands of the federation would be resolved amicably.