To call to account

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Fogg desired, sooner or later, to call to account for his conduct.
While the financial market manipulation failed in its efforts to undermine confidence in the Qatari riyal and Qatar, it nonetheless caused economic losses and Qatar is compelled to take the actions necessary to call to account the financial institutions that engaged in illegal market manipulation," it said.
NNA - 28/12/2011 - Deputy Jamal al-Jarrah solicited Prime Minister Najib Mikati to call to account Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn for the information he declared regarding the presence of El-Qaeda members in Arsal village.
He would not say, however, whether the prime minister or defense minister are among the officials the bloc plans to call to account if the multi-billion-dollar deal to purchase between 14 and 28 Rafale jets goes ahead.
Do we need to mourn in order to ask questions, to call to account, to take action to ensure that lessons are learned from tragedy?
There is the catastrophe of Iraq and the failure to call to account a Prime Minister who lied to Parliament and the country to join the United States in an illegal war.
The speaker's decision causes an uproar in the assembly, because many reformist deputies seek to call to account the television and radio networks which Ayat.