To care for

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To have under watchful attention; to take care of.
To have regard or affection for; to like or love.

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This shift in VA health care funding from a discretionary to a mandatory mechanism would guarantee adequate resources to care for sick and disabled veterans," said Violante, "That's because the current system of discretionary funding has failed to provide adequate resources to meet the growing demand for VA health care.
We need find innovative ways to care for a larger and sicker population.
While the more fortunate elderly had families to care for them in their homes--or were, perhaps, members of ethnic or religious communities that provided food and shelter to their aged in a private setting--the less fortunate might very well have found themselves in the proverbial poorhouse.
Although a major payor of home health services, lower Medicaid reimbursement levels make many home health providers reluctant to care for Medicaid recipients.
However, there are only 80,000 day-care centers or preschools to care for the 13 million children six years and under.
VA needs adequate funds to hire health care professionals to care for veterans in a timely manner, to effectively manage its health care programs, and to prepare for contingencies, such as the War on Terror and the Iraq War.
Over the past several decades the health care needs of Americans have shifted from acute care to care for chronic conditions.
Home care can be brought on to help with the transition, to have a plan to care for the person at home until the preliminary processing is complete and the new apartment is ready.
Patients are demanding simpler and more convenient ways to care for routine health conditions," said Thomas Atkins, M.
The key is discipline and focus, and a faith in the choices made by those sincerely committed to a new and better way to care for our citizenry.
In addition, some assisted living operators are experimenting with models designed to care for lower-income residents.