To cast away

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To throw away; to lavish; to waste.
To reject; to let perish.
- Addison.
To wreck.
- Rom. xi. 1.

See also: Cast, Cast, Cast

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
Again Sir Bedivere went, but again he could not make up his mind to cast away the sword.
'They will have the support of their neighbors and the international community, and we will come together to cast away fear, bring these vile terrorists to justice, and light the fire of hope anew,' she added.
I expect United to cast away the shackles of Mourinho's defensive play while Chelsea have looked much improved barring that debacle in Rome midweek.
You have only to look at the Government's disgraceful deal with the DUP to cast away any doubts of its purpose.
The issue of mandate extension is being planned to cast away some figures.
The Guru showed people how to cast away parochialism and prejudice."
"The staff have thoroughly enjoyed the project and will likely be doing it next year although we're reluctant to cast away this year's batch of trees because they look so lovely!" The recycled Christmas tree project was the brainchild of the school's art coordinator Naomi Brennan.
Disposing of long-held possessions can pull on the heart strings, but planning in advance will help you focus on what you want to keep and what you need to cast away as you start your new life.
Too soon wedding bells were ringing A time to cast away childish toys I'm looking back now and remembering Ah, when we were the boys.
While he asks the reader to cast away his prejudices before starting the book, Fischer is still left with his own.
WATERLOO will hope to cast away the numerous errors that saw them lose last week's match at Coventry 77-15 when they run out to take on Newbury on Saturday.
On this joyous day we invite you to cast away your stiff upper lip inhibitions and celebrate with us, in true Portuguese style.