To cast lots

See under Lot.
to use or throw a die, or some other instrument, by the unforeseen turn or position of which, an event is by previous agreement determined.

See also: Cast, Lot

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
This gentleman said that among the poorer peasants in the Valais, it was common for the brothers in a family to cast lots to determine which of them should have the coveted privilege of marrying, and his brethren--doomed bachelors--heroically banded themselves together to help support the new family.
The general proposed to cast lots for the swords, but the president said it was he who had given the provocation, and when he had given it he had supposed each would use his own arms.
When I had done this I hid it under dung, which was lying about all over the cave, and told the men to cast lots which of them should venture along with myself to lift it and bore it into the monster's eye while he was asleep.
So our Municipal Police decided and, in fact, moved a motion which was accepted by all that they would patronise the services of the free range at the beach, because they do not have time to queue, as if going to cast lots.
the soldiers decide not to cut it up but to cast lots for it.
Livy does not specify how the procedure was modified, but perhaps only the sortes for the urban and peregrine praetorships were in the urn when Flaccus' turn came to cast lots. Cf.
One claimed that a change of commanders would hamper the war effort in his province; two others alleged religious duties in Rome as their pretext, obligations which for one of the latter had strangely vanished when he became consul five years later and sought to cast lots with his colleague for command of the Third Macedonian War (Livy 42.32.1-5).
So, when the highly drunk jokers were going to cast lots, they would walk three steps forward, thirty steps backwards, go round in circles, and walk North, South, East and West in squares until they locate the ballot.
As you are aware, the Umbrella Concert Party went to a certain public shrine to cast lots for their brand of choir leaders to sing them to victory, just as the choirs of the Children of Yahweh sang around Jericho and brought its walls down.
For, if we use the mathematical concept of the theory of If-More-Less-Divide, then if 9,000 jokers take one day minus eight hours to cast lots, how many hours, days, moons or ages will it take 15 million jokers?