To cast off

To discard or reject; to drive away; to put off; to free one's self from.
(Hunting) To leave behind, as dogs; also, to set loose, or free, as dogs.
(Naut.) To untie, throw off, or let go, as a rope.
- Crabb.

See also: Cast, Cast, Cast

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
And still she pleaded with me not to cast off the masts.
As we approached, the two fishermen proceeded to cast off from their net and row ashore, while the first two rowed back and made fast to the net we had abandoned.
The value of their nets was greater than the fines they would have to pay for violating the fish laws; so to cast off from their nets and escape, which they could easily do, would profit them nothing.
It took moments for it to cast off its battleful ways and resume its accustomed course of thought.
They have thwart pieces from side to side about three inches thick, and their gunwales flare outwards, so as to cast off the surges of the waves.
PROFESSOR Green reckons we need to cast off our stiff upper lip and stop repressing emotions for the sake of our mental health, particularly in times of grief.
If you don't use the rib method, it is even more important to cast off as loosely as possible, as standard casting off is not elastic.
When the Americans were casting off the oppression of the British, little did they know they were inspiring another country to cast off the chains.
MIDLANDERS were told to cast off their thick coats, switch off their central heating and dig out their tee-shirts as the region was due to bask in warm sunshine this weekend.
The Anglican church owes its existence as a separate branch of the Western church to the fact that it was willing to support a licentious king, the son of a usurper, in his desire to cast off one wife after another in his quest for an heir.
City slickers are being urged to cast off their suits and run for the hills in the name of charity.
"But a ray of truth began to shine." Suddenly the women are emboldened to cast off their burqas and join the ranks of youthful democratic activists.