To choose sides

See under Side.
to select those who shall compete, as in a game, on either side.

See also: Choose, Side

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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As the US-China technological cold war spreads into space, third countries will face growing pressure to choose sides. America's response to China's growing 5G capabilities provides a likely template for its approach to rivalry in space.
and China continued to rage, Taiwanese businesses might be forced to choose sides, Bush cautioned, as they would not necessarily benefit.
Perhaps the two tallest forms want the viewer to choose sides; arranged back to back, they might be ignoring or opposing each other.
Shiloh knows Jason took Kristina from the attic and on the Thursday, April 18 episode of "General Hospital," the Dawn of Day leader will put Sam in an uncomfortable position that may force her to choose sides.
Like the warring characters in 'Julius Caesar,' perhaps what this play foremost needed was to choose sides. This author, for one, is beyond excited to see Deldoc take the backstage farce all the way.
The world remains divided into East and West even if it does not suit our foreign minister to admit it because in such a case, the government would have to choose sides.
Perhaps an argument can be made that Saudi Arabia is on the diplomatic warpath and with Pakistan suffering acute pressure on the external account front, the possibility of financial aid, oil imports on preferential terms and sustaining crucial foreign remittances from Saudi Arabia has meant having to choose sides.
We love both ladies' looks, so we wouldn't like to choose sides.
There are times in life when we need to choose sides. Some of us don't like that.
When twins Sean and Dillon Kirrell use their transit abilities to rescue a kidnap victim, they cross a clandestine group within their government who seeks to control all planets with their transit powers, forcing the brothers to choose sides in what could explode into full-blown war.
Ronnie tries one last time to put things behind them but it doesn't go to plan and she's forced to choose sides once and for all.
As the story (which combines fiction with real historical figures and events) moves on, Uhtred is forced to choose sides between the country of his birth and the people who raised him.