To clear the decks

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(Naut.) to remove every unnecessary incumbrance in preparation for battle; to prepare for action.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
The gunner had in the meantime orders to bring two guns, to bear fore and aft, out of the steerage, to clear the deck, and load them with musket-bullets, and small pieces of old iron, and what came next to hand.
Shah told a meeting of party leaders here that steps will be taken to clear the decks for launching construction of the temple before the polls.
That said, it is time to clear the decks. The Tories are between a rock and a hard place (a pact with the DUP really).
NEWCASTLE United are likely to clear the decks this summer and part company with Vurnon Anita AND Yoan Gouffran.
Stanton, left, said: "The fans expected the club to clear the decks but it's going to be very difficult next season with Rangers and Hearts in the division.
The losses are being seen as part of CEO Ross McEwan's efforts to clear the decks and draw a line under the matter, said an analyst at Jefferies international.
The long-awaited nod by the Indian government to clear the decks for a Jet Airways-Etihad Airways deal will be a sweet tonic for the Indian aviation industry, which is experiencing a slump.
What Goes Round I was driving-in my car Not too fast - nor too far I passed the - Talbot factory Or indeed the place - where it used to be Soon came the area - where they made the Stag Closely followed by - the birth place of the Jag Then I passed the Dunlop - tired and sad Forgotten industry - this city once had Don't forget the Dyers - and the Watchmakers And all the movers - and the shakers Remember Mr Starley - and his bike This land had never - seen the like Could be it's time - to clear the decks Industry will return - commerce will be next A new dawn - possibly warm and sunny Greed will ensure - drive makes money.
EDIN DZEKO is a pounds 25million target for Bayern Munich as Manchester City look to clear the decks so they can sign Robin van Persie.
my view is that you would have had to clear the decks.
It may also take a big write-down on the value of assets as it looks to clear the decks for an incoming chief executive.
They're not expecting to make profit out of you, either - just to clear the decks.