To commit to memory

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to learn by heart; to memorize.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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When he got the job at Mundelein in March, one of DeFrancesco's first orders of business was to commit to memory the names of his new players.
His intellect was intense and it is said that he used to commit to memory 100 verses every day.
"It's an ECG you want to commit to memory. And when you see it, think ARVC," Dr.
To understand how the recall process works in real time, the researchers asked a set of participants to commit to memory images of different objects, which they also learned to associate with different words that functioned as cues.
That's why the timing of notices warning customers that their contracts are due to end is so key, as it's not reasonable for consumers to have to commit to memory the exact date every contract ends."
'Electables' would have every role in local politics, which actually affects the people more than central policy making, which is why I asked the readers to commit to memory that 'all politics is local'.
NIST also suggested encouraging the use of passphrases - longer passwords that utilize several words - in favor of passwords that often use characters that are difficult to commit to memory. The longer phrases prove more difficult to crack for attackers and easier to remember for users.
The best way to learn how is by doing it from live models in drawing classes, but it is essential to commit to memory some basic facts about proportions, muscle groups, the big differences between male and female bodies, and foreshortening.
Dave Lundgren's guests at the Waterville Historic Hotel have to commit to memory the location of Douglas County's notable ice age flood-created geologic features.
His mantra "GEM" is easy to commit to memory: the need to be gracious, expansive and magnanimous in living our daily human lives.
When Mike and his siblings were growing up, their father used to assign them Mandarin passages to commit to memory.
I really feel I can touch you even in this darkness when I pray," he said in his final letter home, which he requested a hostage who was being released to commit to memory since all written correspondence was confiscated by their abductors.