To conjure up

or make visible, as a spirit, by magic arts; hence, to invent; as, to conjure up a story; to conjure up alarms.

See also: Conjure

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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NFOREST 0 WATFORD 1 SUBSTITUTE Odion Ighalo rescued Watford from an FA Cup fourth-round replay with Nottingham Forest, and manager Quique Sanchez Flores felt his introduction was always likely to conjure up a late winner.
It all seems fine and dandy in principal, but how many start-ups are able to conjure up shares to the tune of several thousand pounds at the very least?
This unique cultural program combines dramatic storytelling, traditional music and painting to conjure up a revealing image of Baba Yaga, the wicked witch of Russia.
Acoustic Energy has summoned all its audio wizardy to conjure up this spellbinding system, equpping it with Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming for playing tracks wirelessly from your mobile.
The religious right would like the word heterosexual to conjure up demure married couples who have sex in locked bedrooms purely for the purpose of procreation.
Luke Wilkshire looked the most likely to conjure up a winner, but Christian Roberts failed to take advantage.
MARKET-MAKERS never miss the opportunity to conjure up a special if there is a cricketer with a decent nickname, writes Bruce Millington.