To cross the line

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to cross the equator, as a vessel at sea.
- Totten.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Shaan said that fighting for one's country whether already existing or one that is being strived to create is the greatest fight."Unfortunately, [the non-state actors] tend to cross the line and get addicted to the depression and the pain.
"Unfortunately actors and artists tend to cross the line...
The Sunderland Stroller, who had to bypass the European Championships last month, showed plenty of resilience to cross the line in 75min 42secs, just five minutes outside her best ever half-marathon time.
Leandro Cabrera headed on to the inside of the post and the ball appeared to cross the line before Betis keeper Antonio Adan hooked it out and back into play.
Majka had been part of a breakaway and made the decisive move with six miles remaining to cross the line 27 seconds ahead of Astana's Miguel Angel Lopez, with Nibali and Froome following four seconds further back.
Heath and Schofield started impressively and maintained their pace to cross the line in 32.368 seconds.
Heath and Schofield followed up some solid displays with a powerful performance in Thursday's K2 200 metres final, starting impressively and maintaining their pace to cross the line in 32.368 seconds.
The first to cross the line was Liverpool Harriers' Ben Russell after just 25 minutes and 20 seconds.
FINISHING IN A BLAZE OF GLORY DAREDEVIL runners were all fired up to cross the line in an extreme obstacle race yesterday - by leaping through flames to get to the finish.
"But it's the Olympic Games and we have both got to race as hard as we can to see who is the best athlete and who is going to get to cross the line first."
Top tackler Nathan Jessop and Niall McClory made some good yards and were unlucky not to cross the line. Man of the Match Ronan Sylvester sped through the hosts to score two length-of-the-field tries.