To cut across

to pass over or through in the most direct way; as, to cut across a field.

See also: Cut

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
I was glad that, catching sight of the clock at the Army and Navy Stores, he remembered an engagement to play cards at his club, and so left me to cut across St.
he swam to the cap, placed it on his head, seized one of the timbers, and struck out so as to cut across the course the vessel was taking.
She has trength of character, a clear sense of right and wrong, is a force that seems able to cut across party lines - people are beginning to talk about Haley running for president.
"There are concerns the cut across districts and sometimes the response need to cut across the district.
India battled yesterday to reach at least half a million people stranded by floods without food or drinking water, as the military poured fresh troops into the country's devastated north.Two weeks after the monsoon-swollen Kosi river from Nepal breached flood defences and changed course to cut across the Indian state of Bihar, emergency workers were still struggling with the scale of the disaster.Tens of thousands of survivors have packed over-crowded relief camps, where tensions are growing over inadequate emergency supplies.
When driving from Portrack and heading for the A19 slip road (south), the lanes seem to converge, causing drivers to cut across lanes and into the path of traffic which is following behind.
A technical review of a proposed high voltage power line by the Environmental Ministry's National Commission of Natural Protected Areas shows that a high voltage transmission line proposed by Mexico's Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE) to cut across the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve will not benefit the region.
Working within a 600mm module that emphasizes the verticality of the facades, he has positioned windows of clear, coloured, and translucent glass to cut across the floor plate and blur the division between the two levels.
In a fit of patriotism, he declared to his patrons, "If you gentlemen who have influence in Washington will stand by me I will make the Capital blossom like a rose." Congress responded by appropriating only enough funds to landscape a fraction of the Mall and permitted the B&O Railroad to cut across it at the foot of the Capitol.
It has little budget to cut across and integrate all the areas pertaining to APQP and PPAP.
Since the pillar reflects the light directly back onto the image, a glowing vertical streak appears to cut across the reeds like an auratic intervention from above.
The change makes the track more challenging, because drivers who used to cut across the warm-up lane now have to make tighter, sharper turns.