To deal with

tratar con
References in classic literature ?
AN Insurance Agent was trying to induce a Hard Man to Deal With to take out a policy on his house.
"Then," said the Hard Man to Deal With, "why are you so anxious to have your Company bet me money that it will not?"
Thurston, it is necessary to deal with me in perfect sincerity.
To deal with men is as fine an art as it is to deal with ships.
But I do not propose to deal with Charles Strickland's work except in so far as it touches upon his character.
The section dealing with the environment dealt with the main characteristics and issues of the environment, and the main strategies pursued and recommended to deal with this it.
"If there are issues that come up early, we flag those, and we may have to deal with them then and there.
Not all sellers are willing to deal with it, but if it's in the contract, they are doing it," Seaman said.
Needless to say, the risk-sharing arrangement, while adequate during the original five-year, post-closing period, turned out to be insufficient to deal with a problem of this magnitude.
FDR also had to deal with the problem Churchill had faced with the French request for Spitfires - assurances that, in the event England should fall to the Nazis, the British fleet would sail to our shore.
However, the principle who hired the exclusive agency broker retains the right to deal with the other party to the transaction directly, without the use of another broker, without becoming liable for a commission.