To dispose of

To determine the fate of; to exercise the power of control over; to fix the condition, application, employment, etc. of; to direct or assign for a use.

See also: Dispose

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
Paris was the best place in which to dispose of her effects, and thither she and Adrienne came, without a moment's delay.
First taking another look at the pretty little hand and fingers, to make certain the thimble might not be reclaimed, when satisfied that it really belonged to her who wished to dispose of it, she ventured to answer.
Could matters have been so arranged as to prevent the necessity of our leaving the castle, could we have lived with Charles and kept him single, I should have been very far from persuading my husband to dispose of it elsewhere; but Charles was on the point of marrying Miss De Courcy, and the event has justified me.
I am the only person possessing the right to dispose of my daughter's hand.
"You only intend, then, to dispose of that part of your fortune which the law allows you to subtract from the inheritance of your son?" Noirtier made no answer.
The first is, by knowing how, with prudence, to dispose of a wife, a daughter, or a sister; the second, by betraying or undermining his predecessor; and the third is, by a furious zeal, in public assemblies, against the corruption's of the court.
He said the court's order didn't carry any limit for disposing of the land but it was alleged that the board of directors was permitted to dispose of the land in excess.
During the course of proceedings, Advocate Hamid Khan counsel for Farrukh Irfan informed the court that his client resigned for the dignity and pride of the judiciary and pleaded the court to dispose of the petition regarding SJC proceedings.
He said that our judges were trying their best to dispose of pending cases despite shortage of judges
CJP while seeking affidavits of secretary health and Minister of Health with all information including plan to dispose of waste of hospitals within 10 days adjourned the hearing for 10 days.
Dr Hisham told the court that they manage to dispose of around 4.07 tonnes of waste every day and that they were in the process of procuring machinery to dispose of the remaining waste.
The litigants also pleaded before the bench that now parties were not interested in litigation and requested to dispose of the case.