To draw breath

to breathe.

See also: draw

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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So then, perhaps a chance to draw breath? No chance.
"Our crossing and final ball weren't good enough and that kept giving Burton the chance to draw breath," he said.
The World Cup has hardly finished before England leg it to the West Indies for yet another 'Test' series, leaving hardly enough time for anyone to draw breath. There are far too many internationals in modern cricket, and the game's bosses need to remember that the more of something there is, the less valuable it becomes.
With the stunned hosts hardly having chance to draw breath, that lead was doubled on five minutes when a Louis Moss corner was met by the head of Bamba-Leta and, despite home protests that the ball hadn't crossed the line, the goal was given.
And people barely had time to draw breath before Stockton Cllr Bob Gibson opened Myton Park Primary School, where the library was based, just half an hour later.
There was little time for anyone to draw breath as Odell dispensed with the small talk, instead opting to tear through debut album Long Way Down at breakneck speed.
But I'm still hoping some of the others will forget how to draw breath on this show.
some pitch to draw breath in the unspoken, to say I am out there
This is Christopher Edge's first novel aimed at the teenage market, and he certainly covers a number of different themes political intrigue, secret societies, green ideology, ancient mythology, fugitives from the police state--with a pace that rarely stops to draw breath. There is plenty of geographical place-name checking--London, the Pennines, Avebury--and some interesting characters--how many times do you encounter Jason, Avalon and Daedalus in one book?
"It's been hectic so far, so it's been good for the lads to have a chance to draw breath and get in a couple of rest days," explained Clark.
MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE She is the only reason to give me hope in my whole miserable life, Reason to draw breath from waking to sleeping The only safe anchor in my turmoil and confusion, In my madness of depression I hurt her so much.