To eat heartily

to eat freely and with relish.
- Addison.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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She was asked accordingly and said grace without any hesitation, after which she proceeded to eat heartily of the excellent supper Felicity had provided.
This popular four-star property has been steadily building up a glowing reputation for its breakfast fare (a 'must go' destination for early-rising business executives determined to beat the morning traffic gridlock and leave the house too early to eat heartily at home) and the lunch and dinner choices are proving just as popular.
Somehow, after all that, we managed to eat heartily back at the hotel, which prides itself on creating dishes from the best in local produce.
Ives, 42, pontificated in his winning entry how he "needs to eat heartily" to satisfy his "lust for life." He also stated how, "sometimes I can hardly wait for my Hungry-Man dinner to come out of the oven before I need to sink my teeth into it."
I COULD not agree more with A Green's comments on the slightly patronising letter of Anthony Worrall Thompson, pictured, encouraging us all to eat heartily from Mother Nature's overflowing table of organic bounty.
Slimming World, the UK's leading slimming organisation, has developed a liberal, satisfying and healthy eating plan ( Food Optimising ( that allows you to eat heartily from a massive choice of foods that you won't ever have to weigh or measure ( and which will help you lose weight beautifully.
The last poem of the volume, "Eine heitere Kuchenszene," suggests that the author hopes he will soon be able to eat heartily again: "Liebste, reich die Kasereibe, / Auf dag ich den Kase reibe.
Team member Wilf Battye said: "Despite a superb lunch - with heavy pressure on our team to eat heartily - the winning margin we gained before the meal increased in the afternoon.
Consider the rampant eating disorders that Robbins reports from one campus, where a plumber was kept busy clearing the pipes that were continually clogged with the vomit of whole housefuls of bulimic sorority, sisters determined to eat heartily and still fit into their size 2 jeans.
This week a colleague reports a man across the aisle from her brought out his battery shaver and shaved at his seat while the woman next to him emptied a tin of anchovies and chillies into a plastic container full of salad and started to eat heartily (even though it was before nine o'clock in the morning).
The answer is to eat heartily, laugh Out loud, and live fully.
He remarried in 1984, but the union ended in divorce four years later, and a distraught Thomas continued to eat heartily.