To fall away

To lose flesh; to become lean or emaciated; to pine.
To renounce or desert allegiance; to revolt or rebel.
To renounce or desert the faith; to apostatize.
To perish; to vanish; to be lost.
- Luke viii. 13.
To decline gradually; to fade; to languish, or become faint.
- Addison.

See also: Fall, Fall, Fall, Fall, Fall

References in classic literature ?
All the tearing emotion of the last few hours seemed to fall away from her like a somber, uncomfortable garment, which she had but to loosen to be rid of.
The specious defense that the campus war is only against Israel continues to fall away, revealing base anti-Semitism.
This method avoids internal disturbance or pressure on the material and allows for discharge at any opening where the load is permitted to fall away from the flights.
uk' Residents and business owners on the banks of the Severn were breathing a sigh of relief yesterday as these flood waters began to fall away.
The VDT (Velocity Drop-Away Technology) feature allows the rest to fall away only when the bow is fired.
They use permanent magnets--high-density ceramic or optional rare earth magnets--to separate ferrous debris from wood material by holding the tramp iron and embedded metal scrap against the conveyor belt and allowing it to fall away from the underside of the conveyor after the clean wood products have been discharged.
However, the market turned sour over the remaining nine months, as volumes from traditional markets began to fall away.
As for higher ed professionals poised on the precipice of a system with band-aids about to fall away, this would probably be a good time to reassess core mission.
I added energy healing to my health regimen; I could feel old emotional and spiritual patterns that had been keeping me ill begin to fall away.
Catch a cold, on the other hand, and the protective armor seems to fall away quickly.
Truly, to fall away from the Sacraments is to fall away from Christ.
Rather, Corbin argues, "the ir meaning seemed to fall away .