To fall back

To recede or retreat; to give way.
- Addison.
To fail of performing a promise or purpose; not to fulfill.

See also: Fall, Fall

References in classic literature ?
She used to complain to me that she had nothing to fall back upon, that girls usually fall back upon; and I don't see how she is to have got over that since.
I tender it before you all, enjoining you all to fall back with me upon the coast of France, in such a way as not to compromise the safety of the forces his majesty has confided to me.
Through their chairman, Bernard Moseti, the teachers said they may not have anything to fall back on when they retire while serving on contracts.
"Inflation is likely to fall back further," Capital Economics said.
The Prime Minister said: "It is now for the EU to respond - not simply to fall back on to previous positions which have already been proven unworkable, but to evolve their position in kind."
Officials said minor flooding is expected to continue until Friday, when it is expected to fall back below the flood stage by 6 p.m.
Volatility funds seem to have fueled the recent sell off and markets are still trying to settle down with large swings on Wall Street followed by early gains in Asia, before bourses started to fall back. Nikkei and ASX 200 managed to hang on to some of their gains and closed up 0.16% and 0.75% respectively.
Sharon said in a statement that she had to fall back in love with her husband after he cheated on her.
Meanwhile, Sharon recently admitted she had to fall back in love withher husband after he cheated on her.
We rely on the much that we lost without it nothing to fall Josephine Fairwater It is all right for people to say we don't want to be told what to do by others, but we rely on the EU for so much that we would be lost without it and have nothing to fall back on.
Since you have some money to fall back on, there are many areas you can enter for a satisfying endeavor.
In the millennium that has followed the explosion, denser matter has started to fall back into the center of the nebula, exhibiting the same finger-like structures as the team observed in the Sun.