To fall down

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To prostrate one's self in worship.
To sink; to come to the ground.
- Ps. lxxii. 11.
To bend or bow, as a suppliant.
- Dryden.
(Naut.) To sail or drift toward the mouth of a river or other outlet.

See also: Fall, Fall, Fall, Fall

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She tripped or in some other way lost her footing and that caused her to fall down the stairs.
A technician trainee allegedly assaulted a student on the spectators' stadium at the end of a Rugby Tournament and caused him to fall down and lose a front tooth, a court heard.
The victim was heading towards the exit when he was surprised by the accused kicking him on his neck, which caused him to fall down and lose consciousness.
As we were walking towards the exit, he kicked my friend on his face and caused him to fall down over the stairs," the friend said.
Her love interest David, a fellow dog walker, tries to help her, but manages to fall down too.
The cyclist then punched the man in the face, causing him to fall down the embankment, where he hit his head.
Wu said: 'One person fell down on a grate in the park and caused many people to fall down. There was a stampede.
A MAN who grabbed a four-year-old boy by the scruff of his neck as he cried for his mother causing him to fall down a flight of stairs was spared jail yesterday.
"Some of my property is falling down, but the house itself will take a generation to fall down. Some damage, like the broken windows, has been caused by a yobbo element, jealous of me living in a house like this."
``I was required to fall down several times due to Emma being in the early stages of pregnancy,'' says Faulkner, ``but the only trouble was, I did the falling down a bit too well!
``There was a scene where I had to fall down in a supermarket, but an extra had no idea what was happening, and rushed over and said `She's fainting!' I suppose it was the ultimate compliment to my craft!''