To fight shy

to avoid meeting fairly or at close quarters; to keep out of reach.
See under Fight, v. i.

See also: Fight, Shy

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I am not an expert in the theory of global warming, it is an extremely complex subject and not my field, so I tend to fight shy of a definitive opinion.
With the standard of riding so high in these races there is no reason for punters to fight shy of them.
tenants are starting to fight shy of homes for rent on the manmade island, off the coast of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Now a plea: professional orchestras seem to fight shy of the Swedish early-Romantic Berwald; Peter, why not try one of his fascinating symphonies?
But for it to work, we won''t have to fight shy of using CCTV and encouraging infor mers.
There are some moments when the shimmering strings almost collide with the easy-listening world of Mantovani, but conductor Vasily Petrenko did manage to fight shy of that, while allowing the patchwork of Romanian folk tunes to shine through.
Finally, I too, was brought up on a council estate and have chosen not to fight shy of the demands of disadvantaged schools.
Investors tend to fight shy of uncertain situations and the background to Prime Minister Koizumi going to the country is about as uncertain as you can get.
Last night, Yates Group's Mark Jones said: "It is not something we intend to fight shy of.
Since finishing in the money in both last season's 2000 Guineas and Derby, Norse Dancer has been called some unkind names, encouraging his trainer David Elsworth to fight shy of questions about the Jeff Smith-owned colt and let the horse do the talking.
This is a movie with important things to say about the black experience in America but seems to fight shy of grappling too closely with some of the big issues.
Reductionism seems impossible in the face of Licht's findings, which should provoke scholars to fight shy of labor market simplifications for a long while.