To fill up

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To make it easier for everyone to fill up on the go, Scottish Water has installed 10 Top up Taps across the country, from Fort William to Dumfries.
"I just saw 'empty' (on the fuel gage) and it worked to my advantage," Mary Summerlyn of Springfield said as she waited to fill up at the Chevron station.The price slashing began Wednesday morning when the 76 station suddenly cut its price for a gallon of gas from $3.64 to $3.19.
Motorists rushed to garages to fill up their vehicles amid fears fuel protests could disrupt supplies.
Mrs Jarvis, aged 53, of Peregrine Drive, Allesley Green, visited the Esso garage on Fletchamstead Highway, Canley Ford, at 1.50pm on Monday, to fill up her Volkswagen Golf.
The answer was to develop a system of enabling them to fill up at home, which has now been done.