To find fault with

to blame; to censure.
- Job. xi. 7.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
But that sort of conduct is to the world's credit; therefore it is not well to find fault with it.
This work may, indeed, be considered as a great creation of our own; and for a little reptile of a critic to presume to find fault with any of its parts, without knowing the manner in which the whole is connected, and before he comes to the final catastrophe, is a most presumptuous absurdity.
Knightley loves to find fault with me, you know in a jokeit is all a joke.
The very next morning he began to be irritable, and seemed doing his best to find fault with his brother, attacking him on his tenderest points.
And as for the farm, if anything turns out wrong, as it can't but do in these times, there's nothing kills a man so soon as having nobody to find fault with but himself.
"Oh, don't say so, Priscilla," said Nancy, repenting that she had called forth this outburst; "nobody has any occasion to find fault with Godfrey.
"Do not find fault child," said Euryclea, "when there is no one to find fault with. The stranger sat and drank his wine as long as he liked: your mother did ask him if he would take any more bread and he said he would not.
Had earlier got off the mark in a race that has worked out well and difficult to find fault with this unbeaten filly.
The manifesto itself seems pretty reasonable to me and even some critics struggled to find fault with their popular policies - reopen and develop Manston airport, abolish inheritance tax, scrap HS2, slash foreign aid, an EU referendum now.
This person appears to get some kind of pleasure moaning and beefing on about the royals and continuing to find fault with Prince William.
HERE'S opera star Katherine Jenkins looking so stylish even Hawk-Eye would struggle to find fault with her outfit at Wimbledon yesterday.
editor-in-chief Steve Fowler said: "It's hard to find fault with the Ford Mondeo - especially at the price.