To fly off

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to separate, or become detached suddenly; to revolt.

See also: Fly

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FIA said that all three Afghan females who wanted to fly off London through bogus documents hailed from same family.
Here's something that's true, When bologna fills you, Be sure not to fly off the handle.
Summary: Thirty five teams attempted to fly off the flight deck with their homemade, human-powered flying machines in California.
Encouragingly, Kauto and Denman have already started to fly off the shelves - it's just that Denman's are flying off a bit faster.
Crew manager Dave Barnes said: "The crow was flapping around and trying to fly off, and we used a roof ladder to reach the bird.
A pair of ducks laid a number of eggs on the island, but when they came to fly off one duck couldn't fly, and they left it behind.
Men are also liable to fly off the handle when it comes to on street parking spaces.
A BIRD-BRAINED hawk hired to scare seagulls tried to fly off with a dog instead.
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corp., the commercial vehicle division spun off from Mitsubishi Motors Corp., has admitted a defective hub design caused wheels to fly off their large vehicles.
The largest WW II type of aircraft to fly off the Essex-class carrier Hornet (CV 12), the TBM was restored to static display status wearing the paint scheme of VT17, one of Hornet's torpedo bomber squadrons during WW II.
1992: One of Liverpool's Liver Birds from Liverpool FC's Kemlyn Road stand was set to fly off down under after it was snapped up in an auction by ex-Merseysiders living in Australia.
This is truly a "keeper" and sure to fly off the shelves.