To forestall the market

to buy or contract for merchandise or provision on its way to market, with the intention of selling it again at a higher price; to dissuade persons from bringing their goods or provisions there; or to persuade them to enhance the price when there. This was an offense at law in England until 1844.
- Burrill.

See also: Forestall

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The new plant is needed to forestall the market, which is predicted to grow by 8.5% annually, State Minister for State Enterprises Sugiharto said.
It is unfortunate that the government has not decided who should manage a buffer stock to forestall the market.
The foreign trade director general said the consortium will serve to forestall the market. It will buy pepper from the market when supply is large in harvest time to form a buffer stock and will sell its stocks when supply is scarce.
TRC chairwoman Rosediana Suharto said the governments of the three countries are not serious in implementing the agreement such as on the forming of buffer stocks to forestall the market, because of internal problems and that the price happened to be high at present.