To fritter away

References in classic literature ?
He was unaware of her gaze, and she watched him intently, speculating fancifully about the strange warp of soul that led him, a young man with signal powers, to fritter away his time on the writing of stories and poems foredoomed to mediocrity and failure.
'"There is little need," said the monk, with a meaning look, "to fritter away the time in gewgaws which shall raise up the pale ghosts of hopes of early years.
The local boy welled up on the first tee and used the emotion to power to a fast start but collapsed to fritter away five shots in the last four holes, including a reload seven at the last.
Everton tossed away a two-goal lead and then a lead in time added on against Chelsea on Saturday, to fritter away their 11th point from a winning position since November 28.
Everton tossed away a two-goal advantage and then a lead in time added on at Chelsea, to fritter away their 11th point from a winning position since November 28.
The spokesman of the paramilitary force, which has been carrying out the operation alongside police in the metropolis for the last two years, vowed not to fritter away sacrifices rendered by the martyrs and the masses.He urged people to keep an eye on their surroundings and report any suspicious activities to Rangers helpline on 1101.
It is possible for punters to fritter away a fortune in a short space of time.
The 50 following users to download an app were also given a cheeky $500 to fritter away on their favourite apps, music or movies.
Graham Long, chairman of Ladbroke Action Group, said: "At a time when local authorities and national spending departments are having to create redundancies and cut services, government can still find this money to fritter away."
Plenty of opportunities to fritter away all that hard-earned cash!
How did a country the size of Britain manage to fritter away such a phenomenal heritage?
To allow people to fritter away their money on gambling has to be immoral and to let them get hooked on the glitz of US-style casinos is beyond the pale.