To gain ground

to make progress; to advance in any undertaking; to prevail; to acquire strength or extent.
To advance; to proceed forward in conflict; as, an army in battle gains ground.
To obtain an advantage; to have some success; as, the army gains ground on the enemy.
To gain credit; to become more prosperous or influential.

See also: Gain, ground, ground, ground

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
After riding for some time together, in friendly conversation, Wyeth returned to his party, and Captain Bonneville continued to press forward, and to gain ground. At night he sent off the sadly sober and moralizing chief of the Hudson's Bay Company, under a proper escort, to rejoin his people; his route branching off in a different direction.
We scarcely seemed to gain ground upon them at all.
It was plain that it must not be allowed to gain ground. A diversion must be tried, or demoralization would ensue.
Karachi -- Pakistani stocks continued to gain ground in the mid-week session, helped by the momentum from the rupee's 3pc depreciation a day earlier, with the benchmark 100 index gaining 0.76pc to vault above 44,600.
All but one stock Abu Dhabi Aviation in the Services index was able to gain ground during the month of June -16.
KESTRELS WINDMILL missed an opportunity to gain ground on leaders The Tail, who were inactive, as they shared six goals with Melling Victoria in a fine match which was a credit to both sides.
Many analysts forecast the won may continue to gain ground until early next year, saying the appreciation reflects the country's growing current account surplus and strong economic fundamentals.
"Cider sales continue to gain ground against lager sales, although they remain a small percentage of on-premise sales," said Chuck Ellis, CEO and president.
THE drive by Boots to gain ground in the mother and baby market takes another stride forward next week.
"It's important for us to get a good run of results so that other teams have got to win to gain ground."
"Although Cisco started shipping OC-192 interfaces earlier this year to better compete with the M160 router, Juniper still managed to gain ground," remarks Rosalyn Roseboro, Senior Analyst in RHK's Switching and Routing service.
Thin trading made it easy for the dollar to gain ground,'' he said.