To get along

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So long as each of them could bring home nine or ten dollars a week, they were able to get along finely.
Written by internationally known speaker and author Florence Littauer, How To Get Along With Difficult People is a straightforward catalogue of difficult personality types one is likely to encounter at church, at college, at the office, or in any other walk of life, and advice for getting along with each of them.
I think this is a shame, and I hope both groups will try harder to get along.
They're equally hard to get along with,'' agreed Alfredo Gonzalez, 30, who usually has 15 or more family members and in-laws at his Canoga Park home on Christmas Day.
If you're mayor of a city and you're in love with a city like I am with Los Angeles, you have to get along with Sacramento and Washington,'' he explained at his Capitol press conference.
Indeed, the challenge in making "Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco" - a movie about two dogs and a cat - was getting actors of different breeds to get along, said animal trainer Mathilde De Cagny of Venice.