To give battle

to attack an enemy.

See also: Battle

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Korak turned to give battle. Meriem with her own light spear stood by his side.
Seeing that they were determined to give battle, I leaned over the rail of the Sari and brought the im-perial battle-squadron of the Emperor of Pellucidar into action for the first time in the history of a world.
Once within the jungle, he found a little knot of determined blacks waiting to give battle to the oncoming horde, but Tarzan cried to them to scatter, keeping out of harm's way until they could gather in force after dark.
424-442) Then the stout hearted son of Zeus let him be, and himself watched for the onset of manslaying Ares: fiercely he stared, like a lion who has come upon a body and full eagerly rips the hide with his strong claws and takes away the sweet life with all speed: his dark heart is filled with rage and his eyes glare fiercely, while he tears up the earth with his paws and lashes his flanks and shoulders with his tail so that no one dares to face him and go near to give battle. Even so, the son of Amphitryon, unsated of battle, stood eagerly face to face with Ares, nursing courage in his heart.
But the Danes had a cunning plan - they refused to give battle.
Napoleon had no opportunity to make a U-turn, because unlike Hitler he had taken Moscow with ease, the czar refusing to give battle. It was the Russians' scorched-earth policy and his retreat in winter that destroyed the Grande Armee.
Roosevelt uses a linear timeline of the battle of Point Pleasant in what would one day be West Virginia when half-blood Cayuga Chief Logan, and the Shawnee Chief Corn Stalk gathered 1,000 Shawnee, Delaware, and some Iroquois to give battle to 1,500 to 2,000 Virginia militia under the Royal British Governor of Virginia, John Murray the Earl of Dunmore, in the Fall of 1774.
The answer is clear: the Japanese decision to give battle in Manila and to target civilian lives and property in the operation.
A soldier to his fingertips, a patriot to the marrow of his bones and an inveterate enemy of foreign imperialists to his very death, he decided to give battle - and a furious one at that - even to the last moment when he fell dead, pierced by a numerous lancers and punctured by seven bullets.
Experts say it will also have integrated communications, body and external sensors, and a head-up display to give battle information graphics in real time along with night vision.