To give room

to withdraw; to leave or provide space unoccupied for others to pass or to be seated.

See also: Room

References in classic literature ?
The staff officer joined in the colonel's appeals, but Bagration did not reply; he only gave an order to cease firing and re-form, so as to give room for the two approaching battalions.
When a woman debauched from her youth, nay, even being the offspring of debauchery and vice, comes to give an account of all her vicious practices, and even to descend to the particular occasions and circumstances by which she ran through in threescore years, an author must be hard put to it wrap it up so clean as not to give room, especially for vicious readers, to turn it to his disadvantage.
Waving the natives off to give room and air, I bent eagerly over Toby, and, laying my hand upon the breast, ascertained that the heart still beat.
Oluga had suspended their strike on February 15 to give room for dialogue with the government.
Every year, he said, the association had been announcing a discount package for the tourists in the Holy month of Ramzan, but this time it had been decided to give room Rs.
A wall will be built around the market, which will be partitioned to give room for a special place for miraa selling.
I'd suggest people who are intoxicated are moved to a different environment to give room to those who require emergency care.
However, on Friday a press statement was released by the office of Machar, saying the rally was postponed to next Friday, in order to give room for dialogue and reconciliation.
Al-Zayani described the car bombing as a "criminal and disgraceful act" and an attack on Lebanon's security and stability and peaceful co-existence model aiming at sowing division and sedition among the Lebanese citizens, calling upon Lebanese factions "not to give room to saboteurs and advocates of sedition and terrorists" , prioritise top national interests of the "great" Lebanese people, form a new government as soon as possible and respond positively to the Lebanese President's efforts to resume the national dialogue.
I asked him sternly to give room to the others, especially the elderly, so that I could hear them before I left.
He also noted that his government does not oppose a complete Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank in order to give room for continuing negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian government as two separate states.