To hang around

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to loiter idly about.

See also: Hang

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I try to hang around with people who challenge me and people who are successful."
"It's up to the player, whether he wants to hang around here, or whether he wants to go and play football, which is what his profession is.
And they continue to hang around the shop taunting him, his staff and family, and scaring customers away.
None of my friends have an ASBO but if we are out we have nothing to do so have to hang around on the streets.
"There are plenty of activities for young people to do during the summer and we'd really encourage them to get involved so they don't have to hang around on the street."
I believe youngsters will just move to an area where they are not placed if they want to hang around and certainly will not bother a determined criminal.
COVENTRY flyweight James Mulhern is in no mood to hang around after making a winning start to his professional career.
In the Belle Vue area of Beechwood ward there have been four OAPs mugged in the last few months and residents tell me they see gangs of youths, day and night, crossing Marton Road from the direction of Grove Hill only to hang around on their street corners drinking, smashing bottles and even constructing dens behind Aldi and on the site of the former remand home on Farndale Road, leaving behind much litter and the usual drug material.
The full monty for the architecture section is but there are so many delights on the home page that you will want to hang around here nibbling tasty morsels of general design stuff.
oThese stands are giving kids somewhere to hang around. No-one wanted the stands in the first place.o Another mum and resident, who asked not to be named, said: oThe groups can be threatening.
Why are they allowed to hang around street corners when drinking in public is an offence?