To keep down

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To hold in subjection; to restrain; to hinder.
(Fine Arts) To subdue in tint or tone, as a portion of a picture, so that the spectator's attention may not be diverted from the more important parts of the work.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
And I'll give you to know, sir - for this my dear boy won't - that though his mother kept but a little village shop, he never forgot her, but pensioned me on thirty pound a year - more than I want, for I put by out of it - only making the condition that I was to keep down in my own part, and make no boasts about him, and not trouble him.
Thereat, Catherine silently turned her face from us, and, very stealthily, drew out her pocket- handkerchief and applied it to her eyes; and her cousin, after struggling awhile to keep down his softer feelings, pulled out the letter and flung it on the floor beside her, as ungraciously as he could.
The latter, leaning with his elbows on the window-sill and supporting his head with his two hands, whilst his eyes wandered over the distant hazy horizon where the windmills of Dort were turning their sails, was breathing the fresh air, in order to be able to keep down his tears and to fortify himself in his philosophy.
But the fightin' taught me to keep down the steam an' not do things I'd be sorry for afterward."
Naseby was silent for a moment, struggling to keep down his emotion, and he mastered it so far as to mount into the sarcastic vein, when he was in the nearest danger of melting into the sorrowful.
If possible, dig up the lawn and install a patio or deck and mulch beds with gravel to keep down the dust.
It said it invested to keep down prices of own-brand products and 'Rollback' offers.
Neighbours wondered if contractors had accidentally severed a pipe after the water was spotted spraying out for days on end but the supermarket giant says the system is necessary to keep down the dust.
Treasury Action: yields backed up from lows as stocks trim their losses somewhat especially on the tech front, which is hard to keep down for long.
The Chancellor will announce proposals for a new discounted railcard for 26 to 30-year-olds as part of the Government's efforts to keep down the cost of living.
Additional watering was ordered on middle Sunday, and the Centre Court roof again kept closed until 4pm to keep down the temperature and relieve the stress on the grass.
I WAS disgusted with Councillor David Walsh's letter (Feedback, 18.01.16) about Steve Kay's efforts to keep down the council tax in Redcar and Cleveland.