To keep pace with

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After a day of alternate sleep and feeding I was so far recovered as to be able to get from my bunk to the scuttle, and see the green seas trying to keep pace with us.
Her limbs were indeed full of strength and agility, and, as her mind was no less animated with spirit, she was perfectly able to keep pace with her nimble lover.
Finally, when he had satisfied his hunger, he ran up beside her and tried to keep pace with her swift footsteps -- a very difficult feat, for she was much taller than he, and evidently in a hurry.
Like a squirrel she clambered swiftly aloft, so that I was forced to exert myself to keep pace with her.
He praised the cooking, chaffed the servants to their infinite disgust, and continually urged his wife and daughter to keep pace with him in his onslaught upon the various dishes which were placed before him.
FitzPatrick said: "The programme needs to keep pace with the increasing population and changes in technology and lifestyles."
[USA], Aug 29 (ANI): Mangrove expansion and climatic warming could facilitate ecosystems to keep pace with rising sea level, according to a landmark study.
They therefore need to keep pace with new technologies to attract investment.
MANY UK businesses say they're struggling to keep pace with technological advances, but see technology disruption as an opportunity rather than a threat, a new survey suggests.
* current operations best practices to keep pace with the new economy; and
He pointed out that the determination to implement high-end business projects helps to keep pace with the national transformation program and Vision 2030.
"Continuing education is imperative to keep pace with critical legal developments.