To keep school

to govern, manage and instruct or teach a school, as a preceptor.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"The success of the Renfrewshire Schools Pipe Band highlights the investment we have made to keep school music tuition free, allowing as many young people as possible to experience the benefits of learning an instrument."
The Zoolab rangers brought their latest themed workshop to the NorthWest Community Campus library and community service centre recently to keep school holiday boredom at bay.
Ninety-three suburban school boards spent 2.2 million school tax dollars to these lobby groups, Illinois Association of School Boards and Illinois Association of School Business Officials, to keep school board members up to date on changes are going on in the state - facts and information that the members should know if they are doing their jobs.
The idea, police and school officials emphasize, is not so much to catch kids and arrest them, but to keep school property clear of illegal drugs.
Lewis-Francis was back at George Salter School as part of National School Sports Week which aims to keep school children interested in sport while also staying fit and healthy.
Her efforts have impressed her colleague Chris Boyd, who nominated Ms Wase for not only her dedication, but her attempts to keep school costs low by occasionally providing the ingredients from her home, as well as equipment.
They strip to their underwear using tyres for buoyancy and buckets to keep school gear dry.
The common sense benefit of year-round school is in meeting population growth demands by adjusting the school calendar to keep school facilities full throughout the year.
Gwynedd Council is likely this week to agree to keep school sixth forms.
The vandals also damaged bus company communications equipment, and, as a further apparent effort to keep school from opening, plugged up all of the locks at the high school.
Headteachers in Birmingham have been asked to keep school uniforms down to the absolute minimum to help the children of the unemployed.