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I knew at this hour, I think, as well as I knew later, what I was capable of meeting to shelter my pupils; but it took me some time to be wholly sure of what my honest ally was prepared for to keep terms with so compromising a contract.
Four years later, when the Legislature asked voters if they wanted to keep term limits in place, backers, again mostly from out-of-state, dumped more than $500,000 into the campaign, while opponents spent about $60,000.
And in Idaho, the Legislature is asking citizens whether they want to keep term limits for state and local officials.
And does it make sense to keep terms like "licensee," "licensor," and even "agent" or "retailer" in circulation when so many of the lines that traditionally defined these players are being blurred?
Settlements of disputes, mutual termination agreements, repurchases of franchises, workouts, negotiations of the terms of a franchise agreement are just some possibilities where the parties may want to keep terms confidential.
Otherwise, our practice has been to keep terms of agreements to no longer than six years.