To keep the field

(Mil.) To continue a campaign.
To maintain one's ground against all comers.

See also: Field, Field

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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She offers a set of threshold concepts meant to keep the field of creative writing open to the broadest range of literary production--attention, creativity, authorship, language, genre, craft, community, evaluation, representation, resistance, theory, and revision--and outlines the responsibilities of writer-teachers, ways to promote the aesthetic development of diverse writers, and hiring practices and faculty retention.
The sun was shining brightly over Indore on the eve of the match after the groundsmen were forced to keep the field under covers for two days due to scattered rainfall in the region.
The first six weeks after germination were important and farmers were required to keep the field free from weeds during this period that lasts for around 40-45 days, experts said in a statement issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department on Thursday.
Cavendish and the Brits - as well as the Germans and Australians - want to keep the field together and have the race to come down to a bunched sprint finish because the favourite will be almost unbeatable if there is a mad dash on The Mall.
England's bold early ploy to keep the field up proved to be cursed.
BATTLE Parents want to keep the field at Prudhoe West First School FIELD OF DREAMS Reuben Biju, eight, left, and Richard Robinson, seven, on the field in Prudhoe where the council want to build a fire station
Earlier this spring, sports committee chair John Chaplin attempted to raise the standard to keep the field manageable - the event will be contested as a straight final on the final day of the meet - but the change needed to occur at least 45 days before the meet, and the announcement missed the deadline.
With the maturation of the field of information and computer ethics there is a pressure to fragment into subfields or for subfields to be subsumed into previously existing fields, but Himma (philosophy, Seattle Pacific U.) and Tavai (philosophy, Rivier College) present this work in an effort to keep the field whole.
Items that are necessary to keep the field in optimal playing condition include keeping the field free of debris and brushing the field once a month or more depending on the level of play.
Chapter presidents knew Norb through his executive notes that were used to keep the field abreast of headquarters' activities.
Using our satphone, the TAC convinced the Adak airfield manager to keep the field open.