To keep the pot boiling

to keep going on actively, as in certain games.

See also: Boiling

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Those are people whom it's a satisfaction to help, for if they've got genius, it's an honor to be allowed to serve them, and not let it be lost or delayed for want of fuel to keep the pot boiling. If they haven't, it's a pleasure to comfort the poor souls, and keep them from despair when they find it out."
But in the meantime, it all serves to keep the pot boiling.
"Now I don't have that job anymore and we are struggling to keep the pot boiling. I have not paid my rent for the last eight months and I am afraid we will be kicked out."
A low-cost option is to keep the pot boiling but not enough to boil over.
A number of regional and global formats came into being, but all these efforts fell by the wayside due to calculated US manoeuvres to keep the pot boiling in Afghanistan.
Scott Brown 6 Felt like Ntcham was doing a lot of his work for him in the early stages but the skipper was always there to keep the pot boiling and he was defensively sound.
The duo have also been given the responsibility to keep the pot boiling following the unrest in Kashmir after Burhan Wani who had become a poster boy for militancy in the state was gunned down by Indian forces.
As the winters are about to set in, the militant leadership in Pakistan will try to push in more and more militants to keep the pot boiling and to take benefit of the gaps caused by the washing away of fencing along the border to cross.
His strategy is to keep the pot boiling to avoid a peace treaty that would create a Palestinian state.
Radja Nainggolan's goal in the 26th minute was enough for Rudi Garcia's men to keep the pot boiling, while securing the Giallorossi's return to the Champions League next season.
Bahrain has accused Iran of being the hand behind the uprising of Shias in the island state, but US officials have stated on the record that Iran had no role in the start of the uprising, though the same officials say Iran is doing its best to keep the pot boiling in Bahrain.
At the same time that the shrill tone of charges and counter-charges between Pakistan and the United States appears to be easing, new, intensifying accusations, this time from Afghanistan, promise to keep the pot boiling, the Daily Times editorial said.