To knock off

to cease, as from work; to desist.
- De Quincey.
To force off by a blow or by beating.
To assign to a bidder at an auction, by a blow on the counter.
To leave off (work, etc.).

See also: Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock

References in classic literature ?
If you want to preach, come and take a pick now, and preach when they're resting,' and he did and worked well too, and afterwards when we had to knock off, he preached, and Trent took the chair and made 'em all listen.
Jackson promised to knock Ah Moy's block off if he did not feed the puppy well, while Sigurd Halvorsen, in the forecastle, did his best to knock off Henrik Gjertsen's block when the latter was guilty of kicking Scraps out of his way.
If we was to put in another night this way we'd have to knock off for a week to let our hands get well -- couldn't touch a case-knife with them sooner.
Just over a year ago that Dave the owner Saddleback Leather released a video entitled How to Knock Off a Saddleback Bag, that amassed nearly 500k views, in which the owner of and designer for the 10 year old company spoke out with humorous but often harsh words against what he sees as thieves and opportunists.
The result is a small riser neck with a breaker edge designed to knock off easily for better casting cleaning.
He's also ponied up another $2,000 to Maria Cantwell, the former Real Network CEO who's had trouble paying off her '00 campaign debt in the wake of the stock market downturn, and to Tom Strickland, who's running an underdog campaign to knock off GOP senator Wayne Allard in Colorado.
Thermal reclamation uses heat to bum off any organic matter attached to the sand grains and depends on a scrubber to knock off deadened clay and fines.