To lay bare

to make bare; to strip.
- Bacon.

See also: Lay

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
"Strive to lay bare the truth, as well amid the promises and presents of the rich man, as amid the sobs and entreaties of the poor.
Wasn't it awful?" she said, looking at Anna with eyes that seemed to lay bare all her soul.
It was too late to make the atonement of confession -- too late to lay bare to the miserable husband the deeper secrets that had once lurked in the heart of the miserable wife.
Speaker Ghani has formed a 20-member parliamentary committee under K-P Information Minister Shaukat Yousafzai to lay bare the facts about accusations of billions of rupees embezzled in the afforestation drive, an official notification said.
Undeniably beautiful, the progressive accumulation on the old typewriter's pristine though antiquated surfaces employs the best effects of well-metered cliche--invoking nostalgia only to lay bare its very mechanisms with Brechtian panache.
Sinitta's book promises to lay bare the secrets of her relationships with Brad Pitt, David Essex and Aston Villa star John Fashanu.
Gilbert treats Eustace with respect and affection but she also doesn't hesitate to lay bare the psychological abuse of his childhood and the reverberations this has caused in his adult relationships, both romantic and workaday.
Like Goodman, Dylan tried to lay bare the supposed spiritual emptiness of consumerism and middle-class life.
Merely one day's attendance at the conference was sufficient to reveal a distinctly feminist bias, and to lay bare the more sinister aspects of feminist theology.
Just above the ear, it permits doctors to lay bare the brain and snip away troublesome nerve circuits that trigger epileptic seizures.
By filming the reenactment of an event which itself has been subject to multifarious interpretations and agendas, Mike Figgis complements Jeremy Deller's desire to lay bare the subjectivity of even the most recent history.
A Cardinal might take a wife, several English bishops might step out in full masonic regalia, but whatever scandals awaited us in the coming year, none were going to over-shadow the fact and manner of Bishop Smith's humiliating backdown, nothing was going to lay bare as rudely the de facto schismatic state of the English Church.