To lead off

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to go first; to begin; as, Mickey Mantle led off in the fifth inning of the game.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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One soon learns to expect this bow and be on the lookout and ready to return it; but to learn to lead off and make the initial bow one's self is a difficult matter for a diffident man.
He asks me in this note to lead off with dinner at seven if he's not back.
Korry Howell singled to lead off the inning and moved to second on right fielder Kristian Robinson's error.
Jose Gonzalez singled to lead off the third inning for the Emeralds (31-29) for their only hit of the game.
Rob Sabourin singled to lead off the second, Bryan O'Rourke walked, and both players scored as Northeast issued three more walks in the inning.
Neil Walker singled to lead off the inning and advanced to third base on the fielding error and scored on a single by Lyle Overbay.
What isn't so plain is why coaches teach their players to lead off third in foul territory.
Trautmann had spearheaded the massive countermobilization to the FN's annual congress, held in Strasbourg over Easter weekend; two months later, Le Pen was to lead off his party's final preelection rally by parading onstage with an effigy of her head on a platter.
To lead off the environmental session, Christel Ackerman, Intermet Foundries, Inc., Lynchburg, Virginia, advised cupola melters of the best ways to assure fair, responsible environmental compliance conditions.
However, in the bottom of the ninth, Miguel Mercedes doubled to lead off the inning.
Johnson doubled to lead off the seventh for Salem-Keizer before scoring on a throwing error by reliever Elvis Diaz to get the Volcanoes within 7-6.
The Milwaukee Brewers hit three solo home runs, including back-to-back blasts to lead off the game, en route to a 4-2 win over the Boston Red Sox in interleague play at Fenway Park on Saturday.