To let slip

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to loose from the slip or noose, as a hound; to allow to escape.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
Lydgate, not willing to let slip an opportunity of furthering a favorite purpose, ventured to say--
"Now, by our Lady!" quoth he, "I have long desired to entertain my lord in the greenwood, and this is too fair a chance to let slip. Come, my men, kill me a venison; kill me a good fat deer.
"I've raked and combed the sea," Captain Doane would then break out, "and the teeth of my comb are not so wide apart as to let slip through a four-thousand-foot peak."
"Tell me, senor, do you mean to travel all that way for nothing, and to let slip and lose so rich and great a match as this where they give as a portion a kingdom that in sober truth I have heard say is more than twenty thousand leagues round about, and abounds with all things necessary to support human life, and is bigger than Portugal and Castile put together?
The tall, light-haired young man retreated a step; but the two curious maidens had no mind to let slip their prize.
HARRY REDKNAPP is not the first pundit or studio guest to let slip a naughty word with a slip of the tongue - and won't be the last.
Reports say that it was Lamar Odom's decision to let slip an opportunity of playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA) again.
Historic Highgate was "too good to let slip away," according to new chief executive John Taylor.
It invites us to let slip the moorings of rampant self, and gently, gratefully turn toward completion.
A few of the poems could have been cut to let slip the beauty of her life experiences.