To live down

to live so as to subdue or refute; as, to live down slander.

See also: Live

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
With Scotch patience and pluck he resolved to live down his reputation and work his way into the legal field yet.
I recalled numerous acts of my past life which I should have been glad to have had a few more years to live down. There was the affair in the Latin Commons at Andover when Calhoun and I had put gunpowder in the stove--and nearly killed one of the masters.
All these--the sort of people that lived in these houses, and all those damn little clerks that used to live down that way--they'd be no good.
"Buyers that we see every day that are considering purchasing here want to live down here.
Meanwhile, it seems 10 months isn't long enough for Dev to live down the fact that he locked baby Amber in a van, as his and wife Jasmin's mothers have moved in and are refusing to leave.
Firstand still most famouslythere was the youthful Prince Harry, who is still trying to live down in the British press (and if this article is any indication, the Jewish one) for misguidedly turning up to a "colonial and natives" theme party (which alone should tell you the kind of people we're dealing with) in 2005 bizarrely wearing a Nazi Afrika Korps uniform (you have to love the specificity), complete with swastika armband.
It's a vile deed we will never allow him to live down.
MITCH Hancox has struggled to live down the YouTube video of him singing with Blues fans at Derby County.
I'd like to live down his lane, I bet it's very leafy.
Poor Robert Green will take a long, long time to live down the goal he gifted the USA in South Africa last night.
And we wouldn't have envied her her schooldays if he'd been a Fulham follower: Craven Cottage Jenkins would not have been an easy moniker to live down.
But their reconciliation grinds to a halt when Jonny says he wants to live Down Under permanently and has come to take Paul back with him.