To lose ground

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"Come, come," cried D'Artagnan, "we must finish with this," and in his turn he pressed Mordaunt hard, who continued to lose ground, but evidently on purpose and without letting his sword leave the line for a moment.
Lincoln were another of the promotionchasing sides to lose ground as they went down to a 3-1 defeat at Crawley.
Still one of the finest racers on the PS3, it's hard not to feel Gran Turismo is beginning to lose ground to the Forza
Summary: KARACHI -- The Pakistani rupee continues to lose ground and inched towards the magical figure of Rs100 against the US dollar as it reached an all-time high on Tuesday.
Combined with the existing downward pressure prompted by already published weak earnings reports, stocks faced across-the-board selling from the opening and continued to lose ground through the session, the analysts said.
Alnmouth, missing two of their leading players because of a wedding, found the gap too difficult to bridge as they went down by 15 runs at Bedlington to lose ground in the Northumberland League Premier Division championship race.
Bulgaria continued to lose ground in the FIFA rankings, sliding down to 39th in April, one spot lower than in March.
School leaders in Greenwich, Conn., are about to create an "A-Team" of "power subs" to respond to local parent concerns that students stand to lose ground when their regular teachers are absent.
If black students in the sample continue to lose ground through 9th grade at the rate experienced in the first two years of school, they will lag behind white students on average by a full standard deviation in raw math and reading scores and by more than two-thirds of a standard deviation in math even after controlling for observable characteristics (the gap would be substantially smaller in reading).
Deeside Firsts pushed Le Sport to the last game of the night before falling 3-2 to lose ground in the chase for third spot.
Queens Park Rangers moved up to second with a 3-0 win over Huddersfield whilst Bristol City and Blackpool lost to Oldham and Barnsley respectively to lose ground.