To lose heart

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to become discouraged.
to lose courage; to become timid.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
The lesson for him was one of trust and courage; and I, who seemed to be then shut in upon a mountain-walled fiord without inlet or outlet, took the lesson home and promised myself not to lose heart again.
The third Fairy comforted the poor traveller, begged her not to lose heart, and assured her that her troubles should be rewarded.
Compelled by the love of God, we too have reason not to lose heart. As Macarena led in the rescue of the miners, the Spirit of God can carry the light of our love and words into the hearts of those who need a rescue they may not yet understand.
She said: "It's easy to lose heart if there's no point working."
Habakkuk 2,3 IT is one of the major calamities of life that we give up too soon - too quick to lose patience and to lose heart; too quick to give up hope and give up the struggle.
Perhaps the experience was intended to help them not to lose heart in the days and weeks to come in the journey to and through Jerusalem.
IT is easy to lose heart in a title fight when your main rivals keep pulling results out of the fire even though they're not playing well.
We started well enough, but then we seemed to lose heart and let West Ham into the game - and they grabbed the goal.
But he urged the Turkish defender not to lose heart. ``You always want to play but you shouldn't get too upset because in the next game you might play again,'' he said.
Sellers have been left cursing the fact that The Oval is playing better than expected, but it will deteriorate and England's tail is long enough not to lose heart completely.
Two goals apiece from Craig Maskell and John Byrne gave the Seagulls their biggest win of the season but Hull boss Terry Dolan refused to lose heart, insisting: "It wasn't as bad as the result suggests.
"We are...coordinating an effort to keep impressing on the city that this is not a viable solution and to keep encouraging the County legislators that the park is best and not to lose heart," said Gudrun Le-Lash, executive director of Federated Conservationists of Westchester County.