To lose one's life

to die.

See also: Life

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Mike Bartram, Liverpool The Ultimate Sacrifice IT IS the greatest sacrifice That one alone can give To lose one's life in mortal strife That others may yet live When nations fall and duty calls To those of moral purpose They boldly go to fight the foe For freedom, peace and justice Through the hell of deadly shell And constant firing rattle No higher price is there to pay On scarlet fields of battle But as we gaze at life these days By no means nowhere perfect We nonetheless applaud their quest And pray it all was worth it Jim Finn, Crosby
To lose one's life savings, and at the same time be put under house arrest by negative equity, are not circumstances likely to engender gratitude towards those held responsible for that state of affairs.
In this time I have discovered that the lessons of what it means to lose one's life and to take up one's cross contain within them the very message of what it means to find life following the Lord.
To lose one's life so early is the biggest injustice of all.
In this odd tale from a Plains warrior culture, language becomes a life-and-death matter; not to know the words is to lack a place in the community, to be an intruder, and therefore to lose one's life. It's a rough story, especially for a child, about the power of the word.