To mark time

References in classic literature ?
Perry consulted an elaborate watch, constructed to mark time to the fifth of a second, and answered Geoffrey, with his eye all the while on Mrs.
One must do something to mark time till one's fit for work.
A new feature that allows users to mark time as invoiced has been added.
Progress on the giant Mmamabula thermal power station in southeastern Botswana is being forced to mark time while Eskom, South African power utility and the major buyer of the planned 3500KW coal-fired electricity output, finalises its funding model with the South African government.
That leaves Haye with a summer date spare and the O2 Arena, with whom he has a promotional deal, left to fill at a time when the credit crunch is biting and there are precious few ticket- selling heavyweights to mark time against.
The problem is I seem to mark time differently than the rest of the world.
But Benitez will not want to mark time in the wake of the Athens defeat, and he said: "There will be several players leaving.
Their real purpose is to provide nice jobs for the faculty and provide three years during which the law student, who often goes to law school to mark time while he decides what he really wants to do, to make up his mind, or at least pacify his parents who want him to appear to be doing something.
Bright pupils at secondary schools in Solihull may be banned from taking A-levels at the age of 16 and have to mark time waiting to take the examination in the normal way from a sixth form or sixth form college.
Nicholls, who as a rider booted home two Hennessy winners in Broadheath and Playschool, is prepared to forgive Strong Flow's Aintree mishap in a three-runner race, saying: "He won his only point and he only had two runs over hurdles to mark time before going over fences.
It is time to increase the pace of reform, not to mark time or slow down,'' the Prime Minister said.
The Bruins, instead of stepping into an environment that oozes football, find themselves in a place where the football schedule is used to mark time until basketball season arrives.